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Restorative Dentistry

Our dental office specializes in restorative dentistry, aiming to revive the health, functionality, and appearance of teeth affected by injury or decay. We offer a full spectrum of restorative treatments; each designed to tackle specific dental challenges and restore the beauty of your smile. Start your healthy oral journey by stopping into Blacklick Creek Dental today!

Tooth Colored Fillings

Looking for a natural-looking alternative to traditional metal fillings? Our tooth-colored fillings offer a safe and long-lasting solution. With our expert technique, we are able to create a seamless finish that is almost invisible to the naked eye. You can trust that our fillings are strong, durable and provide the protection your teeth need.


Bridges are our elegant solution to the absence of one or several teeth. These restorations are anchored by crowns and feature a prosthetic tooth, seamlessly restoring both function and appearance.


We approach extractions with the utmost precision and care, ensuring patient comfort. When a tooth is beyond repair, this procedure is performed with a gentle hand and a focus on patient well-being.

Root Canals

Our root canal therapy is a testament to our commitment to preserving natural teeth. By treating and safeguarding an affected tooth, this procedure alleviates pain and restores function.

Implant Supported Bridge

For multiple missing teeth, our implant-supported bridges provide a secure and permanent solution, leveraging implants for unparalleled stability and comfort.


Our dental crowns offer a second chance to teeth that have suffered significant damage. With a focus on harmony and strength, these restorations are tailored to blend indistinguishably with your natural smile.

Complete/Partial Dentures

Whether replacing a full arch or several teeth, our dentures promise comfort and aesthetic appeal. Custom-designed to meet individual needs, they are a reliable path to restoring your complete smile.


Our dental implants stand as the pinnacle of tooth replacement options, offering unparalleled stability and aesthetics. The implant serves as a robust foundation for a lifelike prosthetic tooth.


When damage falls between a filling and a crown, our inlays and onlays rise to the occasion. These restorations, created from durable materials, are adroitly bonded to the affected area.

Implant Supported Dentures

Our implant-supported dentures offer a leap in functionality and comfort over traditional options. Anchored firmly, they enhance chewing, speaking, and overall oral health, while also supporting facial structure.

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