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Preventative Family Dentistry

Our office is your family's partner in preemptive dental care, providing specialized services to halt dental concerns before they emerge. Our suite of preventative treatments spans all ages, focusing on sustaining oral well-being and cultivating smiles that last a lifetime. Here at Blacklick Creek Dental, we're a family.

Adult Cleanings

Embark on a preventive journey with our adult cleanings, an essential practice to thwart plaque and prevent dental maladies. Our cleanings are meticulous yet gentle, safeguarding your smile's luster and health.

Periodontal Cleanings

Address gum health proactively with periodontal cleanings. Designed to combat gum disease, this intensive cleaning targets below the gumline, disarming plaque and securing gum wellness.

Fluoride Treatments

Reinforce your teeth's defenses with our fluoride treatments. This natural mineral fortifies enamel and combats decay, offering substantial benefits, especially to the developing smiles of children.

Oral Hygiene Education

Our oral hygiene education equips you with personalized strategies and tools to maintain peak oral health independently, ensuring your smile thrives between visits.

Custom Mouth Guards

Protect your smile from sports-related impacts or the effects of teeth grinding with our custom mouth guards, tailored for a perfect fit and optimal protection.

Pediatric Cleanings

Lay the foundation for lifelong dental health with our pediatric cleanings, tailored to young smiles. We prioritize comfort and fun, fostering a positive dental mindset while instilling crucial hygiene habits.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Our comprehensive health assessments include vigilant oral cancer screenings. Early detection is vital, making these screenings a pivotal component of your regular dental visits.

Nutritional Counseling

Good nutrition is a pillar of oral health. Our nutritional counseling services provide dietary insights that bolster tooth and gum health, aligning your eating habits with a vibrant smile.

Dental Sealants

Shield your teeth from decay with our dental sealants, a protective barrier strategically applied to vulnerable areas, offering a preventive advantage for both children and adults.

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