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Cosmetic Dentistry

Step into a world where your smile's potential is fully realized with our array of cosmetic dentistry offerings. At Blacklick Creek Dental, our seasoned dentists employ state-of-the-art practices and tools to craft treatments that celebrate your individuality. Experience the transformative journey with our cosmetic enhancements.


Discover the power of transformation with our veneers, skillfully fashioned to camouflage dental flaws. Whether you're facing discoloration, minor misalignments, or unsightly spaces, our porcelain or resin-crafted veneers are your gateway to a flawless, enduring smile.


Revitalize compromised teeth with our bespoke crowns, designed to restore integrity, aesthetic, and resilience. Made from materials that marry durability with aesthetics, these crowns are the guardians of your smile, fully encapsulating teeth to fortify and beautify.

Teeth Whitening

Illuminate your smile with our professional teeth whitening service. Targeting and dissolving deep-set stains, this swift cosmetic intervention is your ticket to a brighter, more inviting smile.

Teeth Contouring

Craft the perfect smile with our teeth contouring service, where subtle changes yield remarkable results. Reshape your teeth's length, form, or surface to perfect your smile's composition, swiftly and without discomfort.

Composite Bonding

Reinvent your smile's narrative with composite bonding, a technique where a sculptable material restores and rejuvenates your teeth's natural allure. Addressing discoloration, chips, or irregularities, this single-visit solution is the artist's touch your smile deserves.

Dental Implants

Embrace the fusion of form and function with our dental implants. A titanium post, meticulously implanted, serves as the foundation for a crown that rivals the natural teeth in both appearance and performance, redefining permanence in dental solutions.


Advance toward a perfectly aligned smile with Invisalign, the clear contender against traditional braces. Custom-crafted and nearly invisible, these aligners straighten teeth with discretion and are removable for life's everyday routines.

Smile Makeover

Imagine a smile that's been artfully redesigned to suit your vision. Our smile makeover service combines various procedures to craft a smile that's uniquely yours. Begin with a consultation, and end with a smile that's nothing short of a masterpiece.

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